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The Right Choice of Fixture Finish Can Contribute Significantly to an Interior Design Tags: modern lighting home

Lighting is so fundamental to design that the choice of a single fixture can easily make or break an entire room. This is especially true of those fixtures that have the most presence, as with especially large or intricate chandeliers. Selecting the most appropriate type of fixture will inevitably go a long way toward achieving the design goals at hand.

Many Different Materials, Finishes, and Textures to Choose From

Fortunately, there are always plenty of options to look into and consider. Manufacturers of chandelier lighting today go far beyond the basics in offering choices to their clients. Some of the material types and finishes that most often appeal to buyers include:

Weathered pine. Pine is a no-nonsense type of wood with a warmth that nicely rounds out its humble brand of attractiveness. When it is allowed to age and weather, pine can become even more appealing, especially when a particularly homey and welcoming effect is desired.

Natural brass. Certain types of metals can also promote a feeling of warmth and comfort, even if others are better known for characteristics of very different kinds. Brass ages in such a gracefully attractive way that is often best left untreated so as to allow this uniquely desirable process to continue uninhibited. This can make natural brass the perfect choice for a fixture in places where a material like weathered pine might seem excessively informal.

Brushed nickel. On the other end of the scale, there are also plenty of types of metal that can support designs of very different kinds. The slick sheen of certain polished metals can sometimes be overly much, however, in which case another type of finish might tone down the effect appropriately. Brushed nickel, for example, can provide much of the modern feeling that is so often sought from this metal but in a package that will not seem overly forced in terms of its presentation.

White enamel. Another favorite in quite a few modern design settings is a simple enamel finish. A pristine white enamel can lend an especially elegant character to a hanging fixture without making it seem ostentatious or too busy. By blending in nicely with its surroundings while still adding detail, a chandelier finished in this way can become a notably valuable design feature.

Aiming High with Fixtures Can Easily Elevate Design

With many other options also being available, choosing an especially suitable fixture and finish can help bring together an entire room's design in particularly powerful ways. Given this, it will always be productive to provide such decisions with the attention they deserve.



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